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How To Run Android Apps On Windows 11

Microsoft is now enabling Android applications to operate on Windows 11. Most importantly the feature was not present at the time of It was not present at the time when it was launched and now it has enabled users to download their Windows 11 on their laptops or pc.

Updated: 17 August 2022
How To Turn On Snapchat Dark Mode on Androi
How To Turn On Snapchat Dark Mode on Android

The payment process will be applicable for Fast tags on vehicles along with other expenses bills. Users can keep track of their current balance via their registered mobile number.

Updated: 17 August 2022
How to Blur a Photo Background on an iPhone

Clear images have been the top case but recently people have been obsessing over portrait mode as it keeps the background quite blurred and focuses on the subject, which is essential when you take a picture that needs to divert the focus of attention of the viewer at a specific subject.

Updated: 17 August 2022
How to Create and Use an Instagram Avatar

Instagram Avatar is the new feature added to Instagram which is quite similar to Bitmoji. It can be customized according to your wish to give your persona.

Updated: 17 August 2022
How to Hide Profile Photo & Last Seen From Specific Contact on WhatsApp

Whatsapp gave us the option to hide profile pictures from all contacts and unknown contacts. That is, 3 choices were given – Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. Finally, the new tab has – Everyone, My Contacts, My contacts except, and Nobody choices

Updated: 17 August 2022
How to Remove Error Could Not Connect on Snapchat App

While Snapchat is an extraordinary application for having fun with your companions, it has a couple of bugs and errors that keep clients away from utilizing it. It’s normal for a Snapchat application for Android and iOS to go through errors while playing games or taking snaps.

Updated: 17 August 2022
How To Block Ads On Android With Private DNS in 2022

Ads are something that all of us hate. However, additionally, they ruin our video streaming or net surfing experience. Furthermore, in case your smartphone has ads, it may have an effect on battery life and performance.

Updated: 17 August 2022
How to easily hide IP address on pc android and iPhone

An IP address implies an identifier unique to each user and well-known shows important data to the websites and online services about your PC. This can also additionally interfere together along with your protection and snatch away your freedom from you to a few extents.

Updated: 17 August 2022
How to Enable & Disable Edge Bar in Microsoft Edge Browser In Windows 10 & 11

Microsoft started rolling out Microsoft Edge version 98, and with it comes numerous upgrades and new features. One of the new features in the modern version is the Microsoft Edge Bar which is a floating sidebar that allows you to multitask with ease.

Updated: 17 August 2022
How to Improve Performance of any Apps With Windows 11 in Game Mode

Windows’ Game Mode can do more than increase your frames in video games. It also can help you to squeeze more overall performance out of any app on your PC.

Updated: 17 August 2022
How to Fix Sleep Mode Not Working on Windows 11

Sleep mode is a beneficial Windows feature to keep power while you want to step away from your desk. Of course, the idea is to resume work fast without restarting your pc once more and launching the programs. However, it could be worrying when sleep mode fails to work nicely on Windows 11.

Updated: 17 August 2022
How To Record Screen Without Any Software In Windows 10 in 2022: Best 2 methods

While you might be having hands-on with Windows 10 for some time, this doesn’t mean you’ve found every one of the operating system’s features. Windows 10 is still new to numerous users, and the majority of its features stay unseen.

Updated: 17 August 2022

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