How to easily hide IP address on pc android and iPhone

– Published On: August 17, 2022 , 10:43 am

An IP address implies an identifier unique to each user and well-known shows important data to the websites and online services about your PC. This can also additionally interfere together along with your protection and snatch away your freedom from you to a few extents.
How to easily hide IP address on pc android and iPhone

Your ISP or Internet Service Provider might also now no longer be trustworthy so you can also additionally need to preserve your IP address secured to benefit private while trying to find things on the Internet or availing of online services.

Read all important details on How to Hide an IP Address on a PC? 

Hiding the IP address on Windows PC is a pretty easy task because of the availability of a large variety of software programs and systems for the same. Be it any Windows version, an IP address may be easily hidden in Windows OS

1. Hotspot Shield Elite

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best way to hide your IP address because it deflection the activity path and takes your activity through their servers. If you follow this method, your IP address is completely concealed. Hotspot Shield Elite is one such free VPN provider that works nicely with Android. It is the most well-matched with Chrome. This software program will let you benefit from complete independence to browse something which you prefer with security. You can benefit from access to any internet site or social networking one that your ISP otherwise blocks.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN isn’t a free VPN app however it’s far the best of the lot because it helps you to pick from over 2000 VPN servers that are spread internationally. You can avail lots of good functions which include tracker protection, and more. NordVPN gives amazing VPN servers that allow you to download and add documents in an instant.

 3. ProXPN

By putting in ProXPN, you could hide your IP address. It is well-matched with nearly all of the variations of Windows OS. To use it, you need to go for registration at the internet site of ProXPN. It is a free provider, however, you can come across a few advertisements in case you wish not to go for the premium one.

How to Hide IP Address in Android?
How to Hide IP Address in Android

1. VPN from Phone Settings 

Setting up a VPN from smartphone settings is easy and won’t require installing any VPN provider company app. Go to Settings on your smartphone and click on ‘More.’ From there, choose the ‘VPN’ option.

Now, you need to upload the VPN Profile. Give a name to the VPN after which choose the type you want to request to the VPN server. Once it is done, you need to enter the VPN address that must be set on your smartphone.

Once you give the name and save it, you need to touch on the name of the VPN and then enter the username and password. Now click ‘connect’ to activate it. And, it will be done!

2. SurfEasy VPN 

This Android app gives free data of 500 MB per month that is meant to be protected. It doesn’t lag and has an easy and fast UI. With this, you’re absolutely protected from the attacks of hackers, internet trackers, and snoops.

3. Opera Free VPN 

Opera VPN is a superb app that hides your IP address and helps you to modify your virtual location. You also can advantage get entry to any websites and apps that your ISP otherwise blocks. Your internet is likewise better to a brilliant extent with this app. You can avail of the provider without paying any charges.

How to Hide IP Address in iPhone?


1. Tor 

Tor is a free software program that helps you to hide your IP address, consequently giving you the ability to net surf. When you use this, your data is transmitted to various networks. So, it turns into impossible to trace the activity to its user. The speed of Tor is enormously slow, so this won’t advantage you much in the case of streaming. Else, it is a quite good application that enables you to live unnamed and secured from internet site trackers.

2. Private Internet Access 

Private Internet Access is an excellent VPN provider that absolutely encrypts your data and creates an encrypted tunnel of data connecting the user’s pc to that of the PIA Network.

This iOS app is a superb choice because it enables you to live protected from hackers and maintains your data and PC information confidential.

3. TunnelBear VPN 

It is an entirely free VPN provider that helps you to access any internet site which you like at the same time as assuring you that your surfing info won’t be disclosed to anyone. You get a great downloading speed with TunnelBear VPN and provide 500 MB of free data to the users every month.

Now that you recognize clearly a way to hide IP addresses on PC, Android, and iPhones, there’s no reason why you should compromise for your protection.

August 17, 2022 , 10:43 am


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