How to Enable & Disable Edge Bar in Microsoft Edge Browser In Windows 10 & 11

– Published On: August 17, 2022 , 10:41 am

How to Activate Edge Bar in Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft started rolling out Microsoft Edge version 98, and with it comes numerous upgrades and new features. One of the new features in the modern version is the Microsoft Edge Bar which is a floating sidebar that allows you to multitask with ease.
How to Enable Edge Bar in Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Web widget turned into an experimental feature now renamed Edge Bar, which is a sidebar to the right side of the display that enables customers to check the weather, see news headlines, in addition, to visit their favorite websites right from the desktop.

What is Edge Bar?

Microsoft Edge Bar is a feature in the Edge browser which is essentially a mini Edge browser that presents on the right side of your display. This feature is just like the Microsoft News and Weather widget however it’s more than that. It can work each as an extension of the Edge browser or an independent widget that presents content material even if the browser is closed.

Edge Bar is an MSN/Bing-powered floating window or a sidebar that may be pinned or docked on your computing device as a part of the Windows display. It is a totally customizable widget with various modes, that help you to view or access your favorite websites, information feeds, weather, stocks, and more without opening the entire browser window. It may be set as a sidebar this is pinned completely to the edge of the display, a resizable floating window at the desktop, a search-only bar, or minimized to a floating button.

It gives information and information feeds from various personalized user interests such as sports, technology, gadgets, markets, etc. The Edge bar also consists of included Outlook, LinkedIn, and Bing buttons that allow you to switch among apps.

Steps to Active Edge Bar in Windows 11 or Windows 10

If you need to pin Edge Bar on your display or open Edge Bar right from Windows startup, you could enable it from the Edge browser settings. Here’s how you could do it.

  • First, open the Microsoft Edge browser on your laptop and click on the three-dot (Ellipse) icon on the top right-hand side of the browser window. also, click on the ‘ Settings ’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • On the left-hand side pane, click on the ‘Edge Bar’ tab, after which on the right side, you may discover an Edge bar setting a web page wherein you could manage it. Now, all you need to do is click on the ‘Open Edge bar’ option and it will release the Edge bar.
  • Alternatively, you could click on the ‘Ellipse (…)’ icon in the Edge browser, then ‘More tools’, and select ‘Launch Edge bar’.
  • Either, it will open the Edge bar and pin it to the right side of the display. When it happens, something window is opened for your display will auto-adjust to fit the Edge bar in the display.
  • You also can set the Edge bar to launch whenever your laptop starts. To do that, move back to the Edge bar put the web page in the Edge browser, and turn On the ‘Automatically open Edge bar when the laptop starts’ option.
  • To close the Edge bar, simply click on the ‘Close’ button at the bottom right corner of the Edge bar.
  • Alternatively, you could click on the ‘Settings and more’ (tools icon) button and select ‘Close’
  • You also can close the Edge bar by right-clicking the icon in the Taskbar corner overflow and selecting ‘Quit’.

How to Personalize Edge Bar Feed
How to Personalize Edge Bar Feed

You can customize what form of news, information, and updates you need to look in the Edge bar feed by including interest for your feed and liking memories from the information feeds.

To add interest to the Edge bar feed and manage interest, click on the ‘Settings and more button and select ‘Settings’. Or open the Edge browse, click on on ‘Ellipse (…)’ icon > ‘Setting’s > ‘Edge Bar’.

  • Then, click on the ‘Personalize’ button next to the Personalize your Edge bar feed option.
  • This will open up an MSN internet site where you may add, remove, and manage interests to customize your feed. Here, you may see a listing of topics under special categories.
  • You also can add your own topic to your list of interests by attempting to find a subject in the search field under Discover Interests and clicking on it.
  • You can view them, in addition to removing your interests under the Followed interests section.

How to Customize Edge Bar

You can customize the Edge bar by converting language, converting widget mode, enable/disabling auto-hide. etc.

  • To change the language for the information feed as well as the Edge bar interface, click on the ‘Language’ icon at the bottom and select a language from the drop-down.
  • To auto-hide the Edge Bar, click on the ‘Enable autohide’ button at the bottom right corner of the Edge bar.
  • To disable auto-hide for Edge Bar, click on the ‘Disable autohide’ icon at the lowest right corner of the Edge bar.
  • To unpin/pin the Edge bar to the Windows screen, click on the toggle the unpin/pin button at the bottom right corner of the Edge bar.

If you wish to replace profiles or manage profiles in the Edge, click on the profile icon in the bar and choose a profile. To manage profiles, click on the ‘Profiles’ choice and it will open the profile setting page in the Edge browser.

The Edge Bar has 3 different layouts which include:

  • Vertical layout
  • Search Only layout
  • Floating Button

By default, the Edge bar is set to a Vertical layout when you launch it. To alternate the format, click on the ‘Settings and more button and choose the layout.

Search Only layout

When you choose the ‘Search layout’ choice, that is how the Edge Bar will look. It can have a search field, profile button, rewards, Settings, and close button.

Floating Button

To enable/disable the floating button, click on the ‘Settings and more’ button and choose ‘Enable floating button’.

When the floating button is enabled, you’ll see a small floating button simply above the taskbar corner whenever you minimize or unpin the Edge bar. It can be seen no matter in which you go until you close the edge bar. If you click on the floating button, you’ll see a resizable Edge bar window.

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